Mark Hill detachable rollers

So the Mark Hill detachable roller set is an absolute life saver for the girls who love a big bouncy blow dry!

So obviously you start off by giving your hair a really good wash and towel dry it afterwards so you are left with damp hair.

You then want to give it a good brush and use a good amount of heat protection spray. You may choose to blow dry it in sections which is probably the easiest way.

So as you can see on the pictures above you get six of the roller brush heads which just clip onto the handle. So starting with your first section of hair, start blowdrying the hair whilst brushing through at the Same time using the detachable roller as your blowdrying brush. Once hair is almost dry start rolling hair around the roller part but continue to keep drying the section as you go along.

You also get six clips to clip the roller part in place so once rolled to the top you can literally clip it into place and pull the handle off. You then need to keep doing this process throughout your head of hair.

Once you have a head full of the roller, I normally give it all an extra blast with the hairdryer. After that I use a little bit of hairspray to hold it in place. The amount of time you leave them in for is up to yourself. The longer you leave them the more volume and waves/curles you will get but I would suggest leaving them in for anywhere between 20 minutes to a couple of hours however, I never position them right near my ears so I find the small bristles uncomfortable on my ears but even after 20 minutes you will notice some obvious volume going on. Once you have took the rollers out I’d reccomend just one more coat of hairspray and that should finish your look off nicely.

Make up on a budget

So all items shown in the pictures I either got from pound land or boyes. Everything shown in the pictures below I paid a pound for, either the pictures with more then one item in and all are quite decent brands so if your a bit skint or struggling financially the bargain shops are definetly worth a look!

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer.

And another one but just in a different colour.

Rimmel London Exaggerate lip liner.

And another one in a different colour.

I then paid a £1 for a 3 Pack of Maybelline New York nail varnish.

Barry M gelly hi-shine nail varnish.

A 2 Pack of Rimmel London nail varnishes, £1 for both of them.

Bourjois Paris sweet kiss lipgloss.

A 3 Pack of Loreal Paris Nail varnish, £1 for all 3.

And a Borjois Paris eyeshadow and liner in beige.

Fake tan tips

Okay so I think the main thing with any type of tan or gradual tanner is to make sure your skin is as soft as possible before you begin.

I normally start by shaving my legs just so that they aren’t too rough to apply the tan to and just for a general smoother finish.

I then use a body scrub to really exfoliate my skin and I really concentrate this on dry areas such as knees and elbows. I find that the body shop scrubs are really good exfoliation when it comes to applying tan.

If any areas still feel a bit dry you can always use a moisturiser for dry skin such as aqueous cream and apply this to elbows and knees. I reckon any hydrating moisturiser would be really good for this too may be like an aloe Vera moisturiser.

My next tip is to use an old but clean makeup brush or just one you don’t use anymore just to get an even coverage of tan on areas such as hands, feet, face, knees and elbows.

And the best thing to use to apply tan to the rest of the body is to invest in buying a tanning mitt so that you don’t end up with orange hands. Simply just apply tan to the mitt and apply evenly to skin using small circular motions making sure you are getting all the areas you want to be tanned. Your back can be a little bit awkward to do so if someone can do it for you it would be easier but if not it’s literally just a case of trying different ways to get the coverage the best you can.

Body shop offer

So body shop have an online offer at the moment where if you spend £30 or over you get £10 taken off and free delivery so here is what I ordered and I generally think this is a really good offer.

So I ordered the youth concentrate sheet mask to try as I’ve never tried it before. I’m going to save this for when I’ve had a bad or stressful day or if I just want a bit of a pamper sesh.

I then ordered the pink grapefruit body scrub because pink grapefruit is my favourite range from body shop and I love a good body scrub.

I ordered some of these bath bubbles as well. They are like a small heart shaped bubble bar which you run under the tap and it creates a nice bubble bath and smells amazing.

And then this is the item which I am most excited to try, honey bronze drops of sun. You basically add a few drops into your moisturiser or foundation to create a nice bronzed kind of look.

My pamper night routine

So at least once a week I have a little pamper kind of night just to feel a bit better within myself so this is just an example of one of my routines. Things such as candles, Epsom salts, wax melts, and drinks are optional too!

So I start off by taking my make up off and giving my face a really good cleanse using the micellar water by garnier skincare.

Whilst getting my make up off I have a hot bubble bath running.

I then go in by giving my face an extra cleanse and a proper wash using the soap and glory vitamin c facial wash.

I then go in with a nice facial scrub just to really deep cleanse and scrub away any imperfections. I also rub this on my lips to make them nice and soft too.

I then apply a detox face mask just to help with black heads and pores and I normal sit and relax in the bath whilst the mask is going hard ready for washing off.

I also add a bath bomb into my bath on a pamper night and I also added petals on this particular night just to make it all look a bit more girly.

I also use a really nice body scrub and really concentrate on dry areas like knees and elbows. Nothing beats soft skin and the feeling after using a scrub.

When I get out of the bath I get dried and give my face another quick cleanse with the micellar water.

I then apply a bit more of a nourishing and moisturizing kind of face mask just for that nice moisturised glowing effect.

I then start applying tan to my skin because I don’t know about you lot but I always feel better with a tan. I will be doing a blog post about fake tan tips sometime in the near future so keep an eye out 🙂

I finish the pamper night off in cosy pyjamas and give my nails a quick file and polish and of course a lovely cup of tea before bed 🙂

Tresemme Keratin Hair Products

So in this blog post I thought I would share with everyone my opinion and love for the tresseme keratin smooth products.

So I basically got a small gift set for Christmas which had the mini shampoo and conditioner, the heat protection spray and the deep smoothing hair mask.

So I find that when I use the shampoo and conditioner it leaves my hair in really good condition as well as creating a silky, smooth finish without any frizziness. People have even asked me the day after washing my hair if I’ve had my hair done!

The hair mask can act as a conditioner too but you don’t want to be using this every time as it makes your hair extra silky and smooth so you don’t want it to be at a point where it won’t stay how you want it to stay. I’d maybe settle for using this once or twice a week.

The deep smoothing mask is really simple to use and if used once or twice a week your hair feels amazing afterwards. After using shampoo you basically get a generous amount of hair mask out of the tub and I start by massaging this into the top of my head and work down my hair and concentrating on the ends. You leave this on for roughly about 10 minutes and then you wash it off. You will feel the silky finish the minute you start washing it off!

And finally, to finish off your smooth and silky keratin hair look, use the keratin smooth heat protect spray to protect your hair from the hairdryer heat. Just spray all over your hair and blow dry as normal and I’m sure your hair will look amazing after following these steps 🙂

Is the revolution beauty offer worth it?

Oh my goodness it is totally worth it! For those who don’t know about the offer, basically if you spend £30 on revolution products they will send you a free mystery bag worth £25!

So in order to get my mystery bag here is what I ordered:

*revolution lip conditioner

*superfruit extract antioxidant serum &primer

*aqua seal eye primer and sealant

*guava & rose fixing spray

*pro lipstick pallete reds

*jelly highlighter

So all of this came up to £33 which meant I was definatly receiving a mystery bag 😀

I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was so pleased with it!

So my mystery bag included:

*skin kiss ice kiss highlighter

*sunlight mood lights highlighter

*ultra pro hd powder contour pallete

*strobe lighting pallete

I was really happy with all of this as I now have all new products to try out and review some time in the near future. Also if you want to read any of my reviews on glamgeek my user is beth_marie347 and as always all support is appreciated 🙂

About Me And My Blog

Hey everyone! My name is Beth and I’m from the UK (East Yorkshire). My blog is going to be about all things I love such as beauty, nails, fashion and skincare so keep an eye out for future posts and all support is appreciated 🙂